"Youth are the Present, and they are the Future..."

Join us as we look at what is being done at A Place for Hope. We provide programs geared to educate and enrich the lives of our young with reading, art, music and scholastic excellence. We know that these young people are the brightest resource that we can ever hope to invest in. Please click on the icon to enter and see what's been happening!

We LOVE our Volunteers!!

Words put into action are what our wonderful volunteer staff and community pals are all about. We are always seeking out committed volunteers to help tutor, read, sing, dance, play ball (see above!!), go on field trips, plan picnic's, go bowling, spend time...with us.

Our Partners and Sponsors

We are so grateful for our sponsors. These are Organizations and Churches and good folks who have, over the years, seen fit to say "we love the work you're doing and we want to help". Without the support of these groups, A Place for Hope could not have made the strides in creating a place where kids can come to learn and create and just be kids. The tasks are everywhere...and we are ready for them, thanks to the incredible support of our champions.